13+ Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2021 – Up To 97% Off

Are You Waiting For Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2021?

There is a wide range of web hosting services available on the internet. Choosing the right one from that might be a little difficult. That’s why we have combined the best Black Friday deals from the best companies.

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving. That’s when the companies and stores offer a variety of sales and deals. These deals are profitable. And you can choose the best deal which suits your requirement and budget.

During this time the different commercial businesses online give away some really appealing discounts for their goods and services in order to gain more customers and also pull in their existing ones.

And so it is only natural that the different web hosting providers out there to bring around appealing Black Friday hosting offers for the different online business running customers!

So if you are one of them or even if you are just starting out a new blog or a new business website and are looking for the best hosting offers available this
season, then you have come to the right place.

Note – All The Best Deals Will Be Live On 26th November 2021. Please Save The Date To getting Best Web Hosting At a Very Cheap Price.

Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2021

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So why should we go for Web hosting during black Friday Season?

Ever had that personal blog/business website you have always wanted to put out but could not do so as the price of the hosting sites always intimidated you, then this season is the best time to get started with them as in this time you can get discounts of up to 95% on these hosting websites.

These sites offer desirable themes and formats that you desire from your sites and have a guarantee to have perfectly running optimum hosting servers, so you can finally start your site in the most optimum way possible as that is the most important aspect when it comes to running a business online. That the servers are functional all throughout the day and are as fast as possible.

What type of Web hosting should you go for?

web hosting 2020

You can skip this part and go straight to the list if you already know what you want, but if in
case unclear on your preferences I highly recommend you read this section.
Yes, there are different types of web hosting deals as well and each one fits each
business activity differently. Let us summarize 5 of them down for so it is easier to
understand :

1. Shared Hosting ( for: tight budget businesses or Bloggers )

This type is more cost-effective and can be a fit for an entry-level type of website.

As the name suggests shared hosting involves the sharing of resources from a single
server to different websites. That is why it is said to be cost-effective. And so the
limitations with accessibility and features arrive with it.

Since one server is used by multiple sites, if one of the websites starts pulling in
more traffic towards itself then it leads to a decline in performance for the other
sites collaborating with it. Much like how a water tank connected to multiple houses provides more water to the one having more people and so other houses get lesser water.

2. VPS Hosting ( for small/medium-sized businesses. For websites being able to afford more than a shared hosting plan )

VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) can be used by owners who can afford more than a Shared Hosting site. This type will still share a single server with different sites but with a comparatively small amount as compared to Shared Hosting sites and so performance is much better.

However unlike shared hosting, with VPS we do not need to share our website resources with other sites other than just the server as all the different sites have a ‘Virtual Server’ and so they all get all the dedicated resources.

This can be looked at as an apartment building where even if you do have an apartment of your own, there are still other services like the elevator and other services that we will be sharing with our neighbors.

3. WordPress Hosting { for Websites using WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS).}

This one is very literal, as it provides hosting for people using WordPress. They generally provide better security since WordPress is being used very extensively. There are generally two types of WordPress hosting most generally used namely :

  • Shared WordPress Hosting: Which is the same as shared hosting.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: Provides better loading speeds, staging, better security, and some other useful features.

4. Dedicated Hosting ( For Enterprise-level websites )

As we see the word Dedicated, these websites have their own dedicated server that does not share any resources with other sites.

A Dedicated Hosting plan should only be considered for websites that are getting at least around 100K visits to it per month. This is the kind of hosting

that large e-commerce websites use and maintain all functionalities including security and traffic management on their own.

5. Cloud Hosting ( For medium or large online businesses that have a steady growth rate )

This type of hosting is able to handle a large amount of traffic and can adjust with it as it keeps growing steadily, it in more simple words has an unlimited expansion with respect to the traffic that the site pulls in, but prices do vary accordingly and grows along with it. Cloud hosting can be seen as an alternate plan to a VPS.

Unlike VPS and Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting provides its service from multiple servers to a single site.

An owner should consider moving from a Shared Hosting site to Cloud if they have at least about 50k pages views each month.

13+ Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals & Discount Offers 2021

We have summarized 13 different web hosting services out of the overwhelming numbers out there to make it easier for you to choose on the basis of your compatibility and put your money in the best place!

Hosting CompanyDeal/OfferDeal StatusDiscount Link
Hostinger ( Cheap Price )70% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Siteground ( Best Forever )75% OFFLiveActivate Discount
A2 Hosting ( Known For Speed )67% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Bluehost ( WordPress Recommended )90% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Hostgator ( Best For Newbies )90% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Luquidweb70% OFFLiveActivate Discount
WPX Hosting ( Best managed WordPress Hosting )95% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Namecheap ( best For NewBies )97% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Cloudways ( Best VPS Hosting )30% OFFLiveActivate Discount
DreamHost80% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Greengeeks ( Best Siteground Alternative )75% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Interserver50% OFFLiveActivate Discount
Ipage83% OFFLiveActivate Discount

1. Hostinger – Providing up to 70% Off on Web Hosting Plans and Free SSL

Hostinger International, Ltd was established in 2004 and now has over 29 million users collectively with its server subsidiaries in 178 different countries. So that in itself provides a lot of credibility to it.

  • Daily Backup! So your data is secure.
  • One of the cheapest website hosting sites with good value for money SSD Drives is used that helps in very fast loading speeds.
  • Has proactive server monitoring.
  • Has an intelligent web application firewall so we can expect quality security for our sites.
  • Has automated server deployments making it easier for us to launch our websites.

Hostinger’s virtual servers are built upon a cloud base and so our websites are sure to always be available all day 24*7.

Now let us finally look at Hostinger’s Black Friday Deals for 2021!

  • 70% OFF on Premium Web Hosting with ₹199/month! and the same for renewal.
  • 70% OFF on Single Web Hosting with ₹59/month! ₹99/month on renewal
  • 55% OFF on Business Web Hosting with ₹219/month! and ₹399/month on renewal.

Activate This Deal

2. Siteground – Providing up to 75% OFF on all their plans!

The best thing about hosting a website here is that it includes SSD drive integrated hosting in all of its plans so it is fast in all of them.

  • In addition to SSD, they also provide a free SSL certificate with each plan.
  • In case you already have a website in a different domain it lets you migrate that site into Siteground with the help of their migration plugin which is really useful.
  • Has support through both phone and email.
  • It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction.

They are providing 75% off on all their usual deals other than the specials during the Black Friday month.Activate This Deal

3. A2 Hosting – Providing up to 67% Off on all of their plans

A2 Hosting has been delivering the best hosting speeds for its websites and should be at the top of everyone’s list looking for the best speeds.

  • They claim to have 99.9% uptime for their websites and they are not entirely wrong in that aspect. This makes it very reliable.
  • They also use SSD drives to provide the best in class loading speeds for their sites.
  • They have constant monitoring of their servers. Provide intelligent firewalls for security.

Now let us finally look at A2 Hosting’s Black Friday Deals for 2021!

  • 50% OFF on Managed VPS hosting! 50% Off on SSD dedicated servers.
  • 66% OFF on shared hosting Rs. 220.30/month
  • 67% OFF on managed hosting on WordPress! 40% OFF on reseller hosting; use the code!

Activate This Deal

4. Bluehost – WordPress Recommended

If you are going to open a Blogging site then this one is for you!

They provide many unique themes and format options to customize your blog and this is provided by WordPress as well.

  • Domain has one of the most secure workflow systems since it has SiteLock integrated and provides a unique IP address as well.
  • They provide free SSL certificates with all their starter and premium plans.
  • Their customer services are available in both email and phone formats so it is much easier to troubleshoot if you encounter problems if any.

This Bluehost Black Friday Hosting Deal includes the following offers!

  • Providing deals on selected plans with over 75% OFF.
  • They have a highly affordable Host Sharing plan with $2.65/month.

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5. Hostgator – Up to 70% OFF on All Plans

Considering it is one of the oldest web hosting service providers it has received a lot of credibility from its different customers with its reliable plans and services.

  • Automated and streamlined setup procedure.
  • Being one of the oldest also has near-perfect uptime.
  • It provides free email hosting on all of its starters to premium plans which is convenient.
  • No need to worry about the technicality issues as Hostgator takes care of all of that by itself while setting up,

For a few selected domains on HostGator, some of the services are looking to get about 80% off during some hours during the peak. The hours have not been specified yet. During the Cyber weekend time before Cyber Monday, there will also be 65% OFF on all plans. Follow this link →  Hostgator Black Friday Offers 2021 to avail the coupons on your new account!

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6. LiquidWeb – Providing 66% OFF on all their plans

If you are looking to finally switch from a Shared hosting plan to VPS or cloud hosting than LiquidWeb is your go to option.

  • Migration of websites in a more smooth and easy way which is one of its best features.
  • Provides full control over its data center.
  • 2xBandwith integration and provides high-level DDO protection.

You can avail the Black Friday offers using the coupon codes FASTVPS50 andDEDI38 some of them include :

  • Cloud VPS Hosting providing 33% OFF.
  • On Dedicated server hosting, they are providing up to 66% OFF which is pretty amazing.
  • Also 50% OFF on Managed Hosting on WordPress for the first 6 months of use.

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7. WPX Hosting – Providing 95% OFF on first months Or Free 3 Months on their Annual Plan

we can choose either of the two.

This is the best go-to option for managed WordPress hosting!

  • This also comes with a free SSL certificate
  • For its migration plugin, it provides up to 5 free trials.
  • It provides perfect uptime and great customer service over both phone and email.

As already mentioned it is providing an unbelievable 95% deal on first three months of use so definitely worth a shot.Activate This Deal

8. NameCheap – 98% ON ALL PLANS which is spectacular

This is one of the biggest domain sellers available with good deals always coming up.

  • 99.9% uptime so it almost never goes down. CloudLinux is used for site optimization.
  • Has good automated setup for hosting a best in class security.

Providing 98% OFF on its domain and hosting deals is one of the best deals to grab this season! and also with 90% discounts on its email and security plans.Activate This Deal

9. Cloudways – Providing 30% off on all plans

This one is much cheaper if you are looking for a good VPS discount.

  • setting up is straightforward for your website
  • Uses SSD in a very affordable range and provides the best speed Great customer service.
  • Best security firewalls

During Black Friday season their basic plans are providing a 30-40% discount on the first three months.Activate This Deal

10. DreamHost

Provides one of the easiest to set up services for its website. And is also one of the best for setting up your blogs!

  • They provide a free domain name, unlimited storage, and bandwidth features. They provide free privacy protection!
  • Automatic backups
  • Free SSL Certificates as well

They are providing 63% off over all their plans.Activate This Deal

11. GreenGeeks – Providing 75% OFF with $2.49/month

This is a more popular for reseller hosting features which is usually not required for someone just starting out but that does not in any way undermine it’s other service features.

  • Unlimited SSD Drive storage so it is really fast. Provides free domain registration
  • Free Site builder for website customization. Provides free nightly backups
  • Free SSL certificate

They are providing 75% off on their premium web hosting plan,Activate This Deal

12. InterServer – Providing 50% off shared hosting plans

The best thing about Interserver is that they provide a ‘price lock guarantee’. Which means the fees we pay for signing up is the same fee we pay for the whole time that we are a customer at Interserver.

  • Their control panel is very easy to use for first-timers.
  • They also provide cloud-based hosting solutions.
  • They have dedicated servers along with quick servers.
  • They also provide reseller hosting efficiently

Activate This Deal

13. iPage – Providing up to 83% off on all of its web hosting plans

They are also one of the cheapest and well-secured sites using SiteLock for user data protection.

  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Add on domain names
  • Disk space and other specifications include an organized control panel.

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FAQ – Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2021

1. What is Hosting?

Hosting is a venv (virtual environment) storage where we store all the files of our website and make it accessible through any browser over the internet.

2. What is Hosting Provider?

Host is all of the companies mentioned above that provide the different web hosting services.

3. What is a Domain Name?

Set of words that constitute the address for a desired site on the web.

4. What are the key terms around hosting websites?

Bandwidth, Subdomain, Redirection, Space/Storage, FTP, File Manager.

5. Are there other types of hosting than the ones mentioned?

We have Reseller Hosting as well that I did not mention in the list. It is for the ones who wish to start their own hosting business.


We hope this list is helpful! The offers from this list will be live on this Black Friday Week so make sure you leverage the best ones possible! You can grab different SEO tools, email marketing systems, and different website themes and security services.

That is all for this article, if you do find a useful Black Friday Web Hosting deal from this article do let us know. Thank you for reading.

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