What Is Ok Full Form

OK Full form is “Olla Kalla” or “Oll Korrect”. It is a greek word that means “All Correct” but it is mostly used in English word which shows acceptance, settlement, approval, acknowledgment, or as a sign of lack of interest.
It mainly stands for “Oll Korrect”, “Ole Kurreck” or “Orl Korrekt”

OK is mostly used in conversation and chatting and it is the most frequent English word used in conversation.

Ok shows acceptance or mediocre. For instance “if he is ok with that girl, then it’s fine” here it shows acceptance in other words “She looks ok but her sister is beautiful” here it means mediocre.

Ok also shows compliance like “Dad gave her ok to marry that man”.

Ok in Scottish ‘och aye’ after which the native Choctaw Indian term ‘bokeh’ and French phrase ‘aux Cayes’. In Greece, OK stands for “Ola Kala” which suggests all is effective.

Ok Full Form

How the word OK come to popularity?

The word Ok was invented 175 years ago in the office of Charles Gordon Greene at the Boston Morning Post, Good Magazine writes. In 1893 abbreviations are at the rage among writers like “OMG”, “ROFL”, “WTF”.

This trend goes on and the writer creates many unsuccessful abbreviations like OW which means Oll right but at that time OK goes viral.

Another study shows that Allen Read research on the word and finds that the word may become from Europe, at the time of civil war “OK” is the name of biscuit.

Some of us believe that President Martin Van Buren had invented OK at the time of his presidential campaign. His slogan at that time was “Vote for OK” because Old Kinderhook is both his nickname and hometown.

So Economists believe that president Martin Van Buren popularised the term but did not invent it by him.

Ok is firstly spread in North America then it is used by everyone. It is still a doubt that how exactly OK was invented…

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