What is OTP Full Form

OTP full form is a one-time password. OTP is a password that can be used only once. It comes in the form of SMS or EMAIL to the user’s registered mobile number or email Id.

The OTP code is maybe 4 to 8 digits long. You cannot transaction with any account without OTP verification

You can use it only once and can’t do it a second time. To do it a second time you have to SMS the registered number again.

More Details About OTP

OTP is designed to protect you more. The user has also set a specific time limit for using OTP, which takes between 10 and 30 minutes.

The uniqueness of OTP is to your account is secure whether it is a bank account, credit account, google account, or any other website account.

The OTP code is the safest verification method for your account security.

It is used to secure online transactions, recharge, etc.

In addition, many websites require log-in and sign-up when a user’s registered number is sent a code of some number which is called otp.

When we forget the password of a website and use the mobile number given to reset it, it is sent from that website and we use the same OTP to recover the website password.

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