PDF Full Form- What is the full form of PDF?

PDF Full Form

PDF full form is Portable Document Format. It is the most used file format today. When you go to a file in an extension and see its .pdf format, it is called a PDF file.

PDF Portable Document Format

History of PDF

Adobe first invented PDF technology in 1990. It is the largest software company in the United States. This company is also the creator of the Photoshop app.

ADOBE was founded in 1990 for pdf File text format and image. This is because of the fact that pdf will have a special file in all operating systems.

Whether it is a mobile or computer device, android or windows, it will be a special file.

In 1991, ADOBE co-founder Dr. John Warnock started a project called a Camelot project. The main motto of this project was to introduce a digital paper revolution.

In 1993, the ADOBE company released the pdf for free, which we still get for free.

Why do we use PDF files?

  • From one place to another we can easily send any image data with the help of a mobile laptop and can view and open it.
  • PDF is officially used for documents, legal documents, eBooks, magazines, product details, Aadhaar cards, etc.
  • In PDF we can save the image PowerPoint file in a PDF file and if we have to send it later we can send that file by email.
  • pdf is used for electronic signature.
  • PDF is used for document submission online in a company or government project.
  • Your pass photo can be used in an emergency document.

Purpose of PDF

  1. We can only view, read the pdf file but cannot edit its basic format.
  2. The PDF file will open in all devices whether it is mobile or computer which will result in pdf file preserve.
    It will be the same as the file you sent it to.

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