A Numismatist's Dream: Record-Breaking Coin Collection

A coin collection recently sold for millions of dollars, including a 1958 Lincoln cent for $1.1 million.

The late Stewart Blay, a New York City collector and numismatist, consigned his collection to GreatCollections in Irvine, California before passing away.

The 1958 penny was so valuable due to its severe doubling on the lettering of "In God we trust" and "Liberty."

This is a result of a manufacturing error where the coin was imprinted multiple times, giving it a layered appearance.

The 1958 penny was sold after 117 bids to a collector who needed it to complete his collection.

The entire collection of 276 Lincoln cents, dating back to 1909, sold for $7,731,811 in six auctions ending in January 2023.

Other rare pennies in the collection include a 1911 cent that sold for $120,937 and a doubled die 1969-S that sold for $601,875 after 199 bids.