$2 million could be the value of a 1974 penny

A penny that might be worth millions was recently mentioned by a COIN collector.

The influencer informs his more than 4.2 million followers about various rare coins using his platform.

The penny in question, according to Eric, is estimated to be worth $2 million.

The penny is technically illegal to own because it is regarded as government property, despite its high value.

Eric claims that the penny was a component of a US Mint experiment in the 1970s to reduce the cost of producing pennies.

It attempted to achieve this by producing pennies out of aluminum rather than copper.

All of the aluminum pennies were supposed to be destroyed since the experiment did not turn out as expected.

Despite this, a few collectors managed to keep theirs.

Eric related the tale of a man who sold a collector one of these unique pennies, only for the government to sue the collector in relation to the coin.

According to Eric, 13 or 14 of these pennies are still in use, according to the coin community.