Find a 2022 Lincoln penny worth up to $185 by looking for these details

Some 2022 Lincoln pennies have been identified by coin collectors as having "die clash" signs, which means they could fetch over $100 at auction.

The metal components known as dies are used to strike and engrave images onto blank coin planchets.

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When heads and tails dies come into contact with one another without a blank coin in between, this is known as a clash error, which can harm one or both dies.

Images from a coin's reverse side may appear faintly on the obverse or vice versa as a result of the clash leaving imprints of one die's design on the other.

Depending on how clearly the clash is visible, these coins may be more expensive or less expensive.

A video demonstrating how to identify these errors on 2022 pennies was recently posted by numismatist thebowerscoinshow on TikTok.

"You want to look directly in front of and behind Abraham Lincoln's face.

They instructed the audience to "look directly in front of Abraham Lincoln's face, behind his head, and next to his bowtie."

Prices for 2022 die clash cents can vary widely because they are essentially brand-new, and there are currently no price guides.

While similar coins from other years, like this $185 die clash cent made in 1985, have sold for hundreds of dollars, some 2022 die clash pennies are listed on eBay for as much as $50.