A Lincoln penny sold for $19,200

A coin collector described how an Abraham Lincoln-themed penny sold for much more than its face value.

A penny from the 1990s recently sold for more than $19,200, according to Tiktok user Blueridgesilverhound, whose real name is Shaun.

This time, he discussed a seemingly ordinary Lincoln penny that sold in September for almost $20,000 to his audience.

The unique coin, according to Shaun, is graded PCGS MS69RD and is the only one of its kind.

Grading is the best way to have collectible items, like rare coins, authenticated to raise their value.

Since this 1995 penny is the only one to have received the MS69RD grade, collectors are in high demand for it.

Shaun even displayed the coin's sale price on the Greatcollections.com website, which was a staggering $19,202.62

Although there is no guarantee that you will make a fortune, this penny is a good illustration of why you should go through your change.