A penny sold for $336,000

A coin collector revealed why some change can sell for a lot of money, and it all has to do with mistakes made by people in the past.

The coin guy, a coin expert and collector described how a 1958 Lincoln penny sold for six figures.

These pennies are extremely valuable due to a strike process error known as double die.

This particular penny has three things to look out for: the date, a missing mintmark, the words LIBERTY, and IN GOD WE TRUST.

You might be in luck if any of these parts have doubling on them.

When the metal pieces used to make the coin's features strike an image or piece of text more than once, it results in a double die error.

However, when the die strike is off, some coins have their letters, numbers, and images printed twice, but in slightly different locations.

The missing mintmark is a further crucial element.

The missing mintmark is a further crucial element.

Even though many coins lack a mintmark, the value lies in the intention—whether the mintmark was omitted accidentally or on purpose.

One of three graded pennies offered for sale at $336,000 by the Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS).