Quarter from 1964 could be worth nearly $500

We all have some spare change lying around the house, but look carefully—your quarters might be worth almost $500.

The coin guy, a coin collector, gave detailed instructions on what to look for.

He informed his more than 35,000 followers that, under certain conditions, a 1964 quarter could be worth nearly $500.

The mint mark is what you should be looking for on a 1964 quarter, according to The Coin Guy.

Mint mark

The Denver mint mark should be visible on the back.

If there is a "D" above the "R" in the word "QUARTER," you will know this.

Scribbled Arrow

The coin guy continued by pointing out that Philadelphia, not San Francisco, produced the proof strikes in 1964.


He claimed that they "actually made a different design on the reverse" of every proof coin.

The simplest way to tell, he said, is to look between the letters "E" and "S" in the word "STATES."

The word is located at the top of the back of the quarter. That reverse should only be present on proof quarters.

Now, according to the coin guy, if you find one during a typical business strike, it is worth almost $500.

This is based on a coin of this type that the Professional Coin Grading Service estimates sold for $494 at an auction in 2017.