A rare silver Liberty coin was found in a roll

The recently discovered rare coin was uploaded to TikTok by "Coinkarmacrew."

A silver coin that had no lines in contrast to the other coins in the roll caught the attention of the coin hunters first.

As soon as the coin was exposed, they realized it belonged to the walking Liberty half dollar series, which was created by the US Mint between 1916 and 1947.

Coin collectors were searching for the 1916 half dollar due to the low mintage.

1919 wasn't the year they wanted, but it still might be very valuable.

The coin is stamped with the "D" mintmark from Denver.

Although the half dollar's value is typically determined by its grade and condition, it

The value of a half dollar varies with its grade and condition, but according to USA Coin Book, a coin in average condition is worth $43.

The coin might be worth a staggering $20,037 if it were in "uncirculated (MS-63)" condition.