A state quarter could be worth more than $400

A specific Wyoming quarter may be worth up to $425 if you possess it.

The year is the first thing to look at to determine the value of a Wyoming quarter because not all of them are created equally.

If this coin was struck in 2007, it may be valuable and will be inscribed with that year.

have a mintmark of "P" on the right side, indicating that it was produced in Philadelphia.

Pay close attention to the cowboy riding a horse and holding onto a saddle on the opposite side.

The crucial factor is whether you notice any doubling on that side of the coin.

Some coins' letters, numbers, and images appear to have been stamped on twice due to misaligned die strikes.

Two pieces graded by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as mint state 66 (MS66) are valued at $425 each.

An MS66 coin is thought to have a better-than-average strike. The value of Wyoming quarters in a lower mint state is about $50.