My side hustle helped me to pay off my debt and brought in $15 million.

In 2006, Kristen Heaton graduated from university in Toronto, Canada, with student loan debt totaling $70,000.

She started Crave Naturals after becoming overwhelmed by student loan debt.

Before launching the company Crave Naturals in 2013, she had to ask her best friend's husband for $700 so she could purchase an inventory, according to CNBC.

With the sale of one million of her patented detangling hair brushes, Heaton made $15 million. She was burdened with student debt, but she was able to pay it off in just two years.

"When I first started the business, all I could think was that this is going to be the ideal side hustle," Heaton told.

In July 2021, she sold Crave Naturals to the business Perch for a staggering seven figure sum.

Since then, Heaton has provided a number of advice pieces for aspiring business owners. You should go after a career that you "really love and are passionate about," according to Heaton.

"I never felt like it was something I didn't want to be doing," she remarked.