Apple changes third-party dating app payment rules to comply with Dutch regulator's order

In order to comply with instructions from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, Apple has announced a number of adjustments to its policies around dating app payments (ACM).

As you may recall, by January of this year, the regulator had ordered the tech giant to enable third-party payments in locally available dating applications.

Apple stated in its release that it has made changes to the user interface for third-party payments.

In order to comply with the ACM, it began displaying a warning anytime someone attempted to pay with a third-party payment option, informing them that they would need to contact the developer for a refund.

In its statement, Apple also underlined that even developers who already pay lower commission rates are entitled to the lowered commission rates it receives from third-party payments.

In its announcement, Apple reiterated that they will really pay lesser commissions for third-party payments, so those who are only charged 15% will only have to pay the corporation 12 percent.

Apple was also fined €50 million by the regulator for failing to meet the ACM's compliance standards in recent months, according to the agency.

Apple, on the other hand, stated that some of the adjustments it was forced to make were not in the best interests of its consumers' privacy or data security.