Blazers Set to Offer Lillard Massive Two-Year Deal

Due to abdominal surgery that finally resulted in the team benching him, Damian Lillard, the standout player for the Trail Blazers, appeared in just 29 games last season, the fewest of his career.

The losing season seems to have not dampened Portland's commitment to a six-time All-NBA point guard.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report reports that the organization plans to extend Lillard's contract by two years "that would reach more than $100 million."

According to Spottrack, Lillard's current contract worth $176 million over four years includes a player option for the 2024-25 season.

On his current contract, he expects to make over $42 million in 2022–2023

Lillard has been the focus of the team's immediate rebuilding, after Portland traded CJ McCallum to the Pelicans before the 2022 trade deadline.

According to Fischer, Portland is set to re-sign Jusuf Nurki, Anferney Simmons and possibly Joe Ingalls after being traded for Pistons star forward Jeremy Grant a week ago.

A talented but enigmatic player, Shadon Sharp, was picked by the team as pick number seven in last week's NBA draft.

As 31-year-old Lillard enters the final stages of his career, time will tell whether the team can once again reach that level and eventually advance to NBA Finals competition.