Fans shocked as Bills corner Dane Jackson is taken off the field in an ambulance 

Buffalo Bills star Dane Jackson was taken to the hospital following a Monday Night Football collision with teammate Tremaine Edmunds.

After Buffalo's dominant 41-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans in the first half, cornerback Jackson, 25, was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

Late in the second quarter, as the Titans attempted to overcome an early deficit, Jackson was defending Treylon Burks.

He brought the young wide receiver to the ground with a tackle, but Edmunds, another teammate, had the same player in mind.

The linebacker, who is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 250 pounds, charged in headfirst. Jackson's head was violently jolted back by the linebacker's helmet.

Jackson was left sprawled on the ground, and as worried teammates kneeled, an ambulance was quickly called to the scene.

He underwent a CT scan and X-rays at Erie County Medical Center right away.

Dane Jackson has full movement in his extremities, which is good, but we are still awaiting more updates, Bills coach Sean McDermott said following the game.

Jackson received encouragement from NFL fans on social media after making three tackles before leaving the game.

Although a spinal cord injury is the initial concern, it is less likely with movement in the extremities.

Still worried about a concussion, ligament injury, or cervical fracture.