Finally, Amazon is bringing drone delivery to the United States.

After years of delays and frustrations for Jeff Bezos, the first Amazon drone delivery is about to begin in the United States.

Amazon Prime Air drone deliveries will begin later this year in Lockford, California, according to Reuters, although Amazon's Prime Air drones have been around since 2016.

That year, Amazon Drones delivered boxes to consumers in the United Kingdom, and the service quickly expanded to other countries, including Germany.

The Amazon drone has removed the odds after nearly a decade and is expected to fly by the end of 2022.

Customers who have a backyard that can house drones that can carry loads of up to five pounds are eligible for drone delivery.

Amazon drones, called "octocopters," are out-of-sight aircraft that will be operated remotely.

Amazon drones will take off from a local base in Lockford and deliver about 15 miles away.

The best part is that the delivery drone doesn't cost you anything extra as the Amazon Prime Air program is free for Amazon Prime members.