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There are a few significant dates related to the Lincoln penny that can be quite valuable. This includes the 1914 date and the 1909-S (San Francisco) VDB penny.

Due to their small mintages, those rare coins may be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on their grade. However, those dates are older.

Coin expert Blake Alma recently provided advice on what to look for in a 2021 Lincoln penny if you want to find a valuable specimen.

You should search for a line that passes through Lincoln's body through the right side of the coin on the obverse.

According to Blake, these are rim-to-rim die cracks. Some might also have a cud die error.

"You're looking at anywhere from $30 to $800 if you find one of these on your 2021 Lincoln pennies," Blake said.

Blake even mentioned how one recently sold for $800. In March, a second recent instance of the 2021 error coin sold on eBay for $247.