Error coin sold online, including pieces with Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson

Recently, five error coins were listed online and sold for more than $1,000.

Well-known US Presidents like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington are depicted on each coin.

The coins that sold for a total of $1,028.08 after 16 bids are listed below.

A Jefferson nickel with the year 1980 was one of the coins that were sold.

1980 Jefferson nickel

The Philadelphia-minted coin, according to the seller, was struck on a copper cent that was left blank.

1977 Washington quarter also found a buyer. The coin, which was made from a nickel, has an AU 58 grade, which is equivalent to about uncirculated.

1977 Washington quarter

The auction included an MS 67-graded Lincoln penny. On a dime, this penny was struck.

1996 Lincoln penny

Also sold was a 1970 Washington quarter.

1970 Washington quarter

EF 45, which stands for extremely fine, is the grade assigned to this coin. On a dime, the quarter was struck.

1970 Washington quarter

Last but not least, the auction included a 1956-dated Washington quarter. It was graded AU 53 and struck on a half-dollar planchette.

1956 Washington quarter