After unintentionally setting the gas price to 69 cents per gallon, the manager of a Northern California gas station was dismissed.

John Szczecina, who worked as a manager at a Shell petrol station in Rancho Cordova, admitted that he misplaced the decimal.

and that a gallon of gas was scheduled to cost $6.99.

"Except for the diesel, I put all three rates on there.

So I just accepted responsibility and said, "Yes, it's my fault." "According to ABC News Fresno station KFSN, Szczecina said.

The pricing miscalculation cost the gas station $16,000, according to reports,

as hundreds of cars took advantage of the blunder and filled their tanks.

For the first time, national petrol prices have surpassed $5 a gallon.

Gas prices have risen dramatically in recent months, putting a strain on millions of Americans who are unable to fill their tanks due to rising inflation.