A YouTuber found a coin collection worth upwards of $10,000 in an abandoned storage unit

What's Inside, a YouTuber, published a video in January 2021 in which he searched through the items in an abandoned storage unit he had purchased in California to see if there was anything of value hidden there.

Account manager Dan claimed to have paid $3,000 for the storage locker.

He saw images of magazines and coin containers in a photo of the item, which made him feel at ease paying that much.

But when Dan discovered more than a dozen metal coin containers filled with hundreds of pieces of US and foreign currency, he struck it rich.

Finding valuable coins in massive coin hoards can be tedious, but fortunately for Dan, the previous owner of the unit appeared to be a conscientious coin collector and cataloger.

Dan also discovered some other priceless treasures while searching the locker's contents, including an unopened crock pot and a Sega Genesis gaming system.

Dan discovered many coins from the 1960s and 1970s, including a large number of 1976 bicentennial coins, but he also discovered older antiques, like pennies from the 1920s.

Dan estimated that he had enough money to cover the $3,000 unit cost on the face value of his coins alone after finding thousands of pieces of change.

Although he didn't get the collection expertly valued in a video, Dan calculated that he found coins worth about $10,000.

In the comments, one coin collector even predicted that Dan's find might have been worth more than $100,000.