Nickels can be worth up to $8,000 !

Recently, a coin collector revealed that a nickel could be worth up to $8,000.

In a recent video, Blake Alma discussed how to tell if you've hit gold.

The influencer informs his 800,000+ fans about various rare coins.

He showed us exactly what to look for on his computer screen.

It was a representation of a nickel made of shiny silver in 1971.

"This nickel clearly does not resemble a typical nickel, as you can see. It has a stunning shine. The coin expert told his audience that the coin was known as a proof nickel.

If you do find one, he claimed that it will typically bear a "S" mint mark.

Blake clarified, "That's what you're looking for if you find one that's shiny like that and it doesn't have a "S" mint mark.

According to Blake, the coin in question is worth about $8,000.

He advises emptying your coin jar because it will be worthwhile if you find one.