your 1980s penny could be worth more than $3,000

Americans frequently pass by potentially valuable coins unconsciously every day.

The most valuable items have important dates, mistakes, or excellent grades.

One particular Lincoln penny that stands out is one with a 1980s date.

In a recent video, a coin collector known as Treasure Town on TikTok explained why.

The reverse features the Lincoln memorial design because the exact year is 1988.

However, the most crucial thing to watch out for is a double ear on the coin's obverse.

Lincoln has a normal ear there, but underneath his ear, there appears to be a second ear lobe, according to Treasure Town.

This is an example of a double die error, which is when the mint makes a mistake and duplicates some elements.

No matter how worn a 1988 coin is, he declared, it is still worth much more than a cent.

According to Heritage Auctions, one actually sold for a total of $3,120 in an auction held in April 2020.