The 1914-D Lincoln Penny: A Collector's Dream

Lincoln pennies can be valuable, especially those with key dates.

One such penny is the 1914-D, which was produced with a mintage of just under 1.2 million,

making it much rarer than the 1914 Philadelphia Lincoln Cent with a mintage of over 75 million.

The value of this penny varies, with an average condition worth around $285, but high grades can significantly increase its value.

For example, a recent listing of a 1914-D penny certified as "MS63BN" by authentication service CAC sold for $3,552.

BN means that the penny has less than 5% of its original red color, and the 63 grade is considered high on a scale that only goes up to 70.

If you happen to have a 1914-D penny, it's worth getting it authenticated by a grading service.