Auction sale of rare Lincoln penny sells for over $1,000 

A popular and uncommon Lincoln cent was sold on eBay for $1,017.51.

According to Professional Coin Grading Services, the 1909 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny is a favourite among many coin collectors due to its scarcity.

The coin's back, bottom centre, bears the tiny letters bearing the full name of its creator, Victor David Brenner.

However, Mint Engraver Charles Barber changed the name to the artist's three initials, VDB, when it came time for modifications.

The VDB initial was only printed on 484,000 pennies, instantly elevating them to collectible status.

The VDB penny came in at number 14 in the second compilation of the top 100 US coins.

In May, a 1914-D Lincoln wheat cent went for $1,875. According to the Professional Coin Grading Service, 1914-D wheat cents sell for at least $89 even in subpar condition.

The penny, which had a starting price of 99 cents but eventually sold for nearly $2,000 after receiving 28 bids, shows that collectors were in agreement.