Man says $9,600 disappeared from his bank account

A man in Mooresville claims that someone took about $10,000 from his business bank account.

They believed it would be a simple fix, but when the bank refused to provide fresh funds, they resorted to Action 9.

Chip Goode was employed with the NASCAR organization for 19 years. He now offers insurance.

Goode admitted to Action 9's Jason Stozenke that he frequently checks his bank account.

“I visited one day and discovered a pending transaction of $9,600. I was thinking, “Hmm, I didn’t authorize it,” he told Stujenko.

To stop the transaction from happening, he called his bank, Wells Fargo, but they said it didn't work.

"The money was completely out of my account the very next day," Goode recalled. "Over the next two or three months, I spent many hours on the phone."

He claims that Wells Fargo looked into the matter, but the money was not exchanged.

Eight days after Action 9's email to the bank, Goode had some positive news. The $9,600 was returned, he said, "I went to my office, I did what I usually do, check my accounts.

God claims that he is still unsure as to who took the money, how they were able to do it, or why he was unable to resolve the situation with the bank on his own.