In response to the Rowe vs. Wade turn, Maria Shriver is speaking out.

The former First Lady of California posted on Twitter to express her opinion. She characterized the verdict as "a devastating blow to women's rights".

The 1973 ruling recognized that a pregnant person's right to an abortion was protected by the US Constitution.

Supreme Court's decision in Just Who Will You Be? The case was deemed "devastating" and "heartbroken" by Oprah Winfrey.

Who do you vote for, she said, and she emphasized that women are not as free and equal as they once were. Winfrey: "We cannot accept such a judgment, which renders us defenseless and invisible."

it's too late now. One of Maria Shriver's daughters tweeted that "our daughters and granddaughters are now second class citizens."

Pro-choice is not the same as abortion, I always clarify. It supports a woman's freedom of choice.

It's up to him to decide how to live his life, what to do with his body, and which career to choose, she said. 

Shriver clarified her position on abortion in an interview with People in 2019.