Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress ‘damaged’ after Kim Kardashian wore it for Met Gala 2022

This year, the American television reality star and businesswoman wore Marilyn Monroe's iconic sheer gown on the red carpet.

According to reports, Kim's legendary gown was destroyed after wearing it to the event.

The pictures reveal that the back of the dress had tears as well as missing sequins and gems.

Marilyn Monroe wears the stunning dress worn by Kim to the Met Gala 2022 when she performed "Happy Birthday, Mr President" for former US President John F.

Netizens took to Twitter to express their outrage after images of the ruined dress went viral on the internet.

They basically let her defile a historical relic for a nostalgic outfit that wasn't even on topic. Kim told Vogue that the dress didn't fit her at first and she had to lose weight.

She claimed that she had to lose 7 kg in three weeks to fit into the garment.

She was brutally slammed on the internet for losing weight and encouraging an unhealthy diet culture.

American designer Bob Mackie, who created the original Marilyn Monroe dress sketch, also chastised Kim for wearing the legendary outfit, calling it a "huge mistake."