Maryland woman wins third $100,000 prize in five years

A stay-at-home mother from a small town in Wicomico County, Maryland, won a six-figure scratch-off prize last week for the third time in five years

The 30-year-old woman, who serves as the CEO of her home, informed Maryland Lottery officials that she and her husband have a method.

An example would be the $30 instant ticket "$100,000 Lucky" game, which had been available since last September but had never been won.

When she realised how much she had won, the Eastern Shore woman said, "I couldn't believe it." 

"I said, 'We did it again,' and I called my husband right away.

She acknowledged that her choice of retailer was also influenced by superstition and good fortune.

She declared that she would save that good fortune for her children.

We are aware of our good fortune," the woman said to the  officials.