Most expensive 2022 quarter sells for almost $700

How to locate the most expensive 2022 quarter is explained by a coin expert. One with the same errors sold for almost $700.

A video posted by coin enthusiast Eric Miller, who goes by the TikTok handle @thecoinchannel, claims that some 2022 quarters have two specific flaws.

If you find one with similar errors, you might be able to sell it for hundreds of dollars.

Miller explains, "The most expensive 2022 quarter error just sold yesterday."

Additionally, he showed a picture of a battle over a quarter that ultimately sold for $687.88.

Miller starts off by advising you to look through your pocket money because there might be a 2022 quarter—or several—hidden there.

The first mistake

He says, "Wilma Mankiller needs to be on the coin's reverse.

Then he goes on to say that where the word "liberty" is written at the top of the quarter on the heads-side, there will be a dye crack.

Miller claims that the Wilma Mankiller tails side error in the 2022 errored quarter is the most significant flaw.

The second mistake

But if you flip it over and notice a dye crack like this running across the reverse, Miller claims that you have just discovered the most costly 2022 quarter error.

In Gainesville Coins, some older errors from the 20th century continue to fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars.