Rarest Carson City coins revealed

Over a 25-year period, a small Nevada city produced a large number of the rarest coins in US history.

Nearly all of the 114 coin variations produced in Carson City, regardless of condition, are worth at least $100 in today's market.

A few Carson City coins fetch more than $100,000 at auction, and dozens are worth thousands of dollars.

The US produced $20 gold coins for almost a century. These "double eagle" coins were produced from 1849 to 1933 and were so named to distinguish them from the $10 gold "eagles" coins.

1. 1870 $20 coin - $1.62million

The 1870 version of the Carson City double eagle is the best of the rarest $20 coins ever produced.

The most expensive Carson City coin PCGS has ever tracked sold at auction for $1.62 million in 2021; it was an 1870 double eagle.

20-cent coins, also called double dimes, were only produced in the US from 1875 to 1878.

2. 1876 20-cent coin - $207,000

A scarce coin became even more rare when the US Mint instructed its Carson City branch to melt down any remaining 20-cent coins in March 1877.

A circulated 1876-CC double dime that was offered for auction only once, according to PCGS, sold for $207,000.

Every $10 coin, or eagle, made during the brief existence of the Carson City Mint is still very valuable today.

3. 1876 $10 coin - $192,000

The 1876 eagle has the highest peak auction price of any other CC $10 piece even though it is not the rarest in the series.

1876 eagles sell for at least $1,000 even in subpar conditions, and the price rises exponentially as the condition improves.

Unlike the other denominations on this list, the 25-cent coin is still used as currency.

4. 1870 quarter $188,000

Seated Liberty quarters were minted from 1838 until 1891, and the 1870-CC quarter is among the most valuable in the set.

In 2012, an 1870 quarter graded at AU-55 sold for $184,000 at auction, a record at the time.

Three years later, a coin in the same condition was auctioned for $188,000 setting a new high watermark for 1870-CC quarters.

A third AU-55 Seated Liberty coin was also sold in 2021 for $180,000.