Most valuable penny and Lincoln coins

YOU'VE probably encountered many pennies in your life, but uncommon ones from the 1900s and earlier are fetching tons of prices online.

The 16th President Abraham Lincoln is depicted on a few of these uncommon pennies.

Of course, you'll want to keep in mind that the coin's grade and condition may affect how much it is worth.

Based on recently closed eBay listings, we list the most valuable circulated pennies below.

One Memorial version of the Lincoln coins from 1972 was the first to sell on eBay for $325.

1972 Lincoln Memorial cent - $325

A coin with a doubled die is one that wasn't made correctly because it appears to have two images on one coin die.

More than $1,800 was paid for another Lincoln coin struck in Philadelphia.

1955 Lincoln Wheat cent- $1,801

The words "In God We Trust" at the top and "Liberty" on the left are doubled on this coin, which also contains a similar error.

A 1969 Lincoln cent has sold for more than $2,000 at auction. There were 25 bids for the 1969 penny on eBay.

1969 Lincoln D Penny - $2,010

The words "In God We Trust" and "Liberty" are on the same side of this coin, but Denver is represented by the letter "D."

A flying eagle cent from the 1850s recently sold for more than $11,000, which is unrelated to the Lincoln coins.

1856 Flying Eagle cent – $11,128

The circulated coin, created by portraitist James Barton Longacre in 1856, has an eagle on one side and "one cent" displayed on the other.

An Indian cent sold online for more than $3,000 last month. Similar to the flying eagle cent, Mr. Longacre created this coin.

1877 Indian cent - $3,300

The coin, which was struck in Philadelphia, has an Indian head on it and the inscriptions "United States of America" and "1877" below.

A coin from the late 1700s recently sold for more than $6,000 at auction.

1799 Draped Bust cent – $6,653

There are two different types of this coin, one of which has the standard date (Sheldon-189) and the other of which has an overdate (1799/8).