Most valuable state quarters

STATE quarters have only been in circulation for a short while, but if you do find one, they could be quite valuable.

The US Mint produced the state quarters from 1999 to 2008.

Dates, mintages, letter marks, and potential mistakes are the main things you need to watch out for.

The most expensive state quarters, the majority of which are in use, are listed below.

Inaccuracies can occasionally be difficult to spot, but not on an Alaskan 2008 state quarter that recently sold online for $81 dollars.

1. 2008 Alaska state quarter - $81

You could see very clearly that the coin's right-side piece is missing; the seller refers to this as a "end of sheet straight clip error."

The cow is positioned next to a corn leaf and a round of cheese on the state quarter from 2004.

2. 2004 Wisconsin state quarter - $95.

Along with the images, "forward" also includes the state's founding year of 1848. (above the images).

The extra high leaf variety of the Wisconsin quarter is valued up to $300, according to online coin database CoinTrackers.

This week, an ungraded variety with an extra low leaf sold for $95 in an eBay auction.

A mistake caused another state quarter to sell online for hundreds of dollars. The listing's text includes the old man of the mountain's reverse name and birthdate of 1788.

3. 2000 New Hampshire state quarter - $216

The quarter, also referred to as a double denomination, was allegedly struck on a Jefferson nickel with a planchet mint error.

After 13 bids, the New Hampshire error quarter eventually sold for $215.50.

Due to its proof grade, the final coin on this list differs from the others. This implies that finding one might be more difficult because they were produced primarily for collecting.

4. 1999 Delware state quarter - $788

One of the nation's founding fathers, Caesar Rodney, is mentioned in the design along with the words "The First State." The former governor of Delaware's horseback ride in 1776 is commemorated on the quarter.

An S mintmark, which stands for San Francisco, can be seen on the coin in the listing. After 86 bids, the proof Delaware coin sold for a total of $787.77.