This 1992 penny has sold for $5,000

Coins can have value even if they are not very old. A coin from any time period can become very valuable due to things like printing errors.

The Close AM Penny from 1992 is a superb illustration of this. One of these pennies, which is literally just a cent, sold for $5,000 in January on eBay.

CoinHub's Blake Alma provided guidance on how to recognize one of these in a TikTok.

Though it might seem easy to locate a penny from the 1990s, these are incredibly rare.

The Close AM penny was most likely a component of an experimental coin to determine how a new design would appear on the back of the 1993 pennies, according to the Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS).

The year 1992 is displayed on the coin's front; there is no mintmark below this date.

The letters A and M in America are nearly indistinguishable on the back.

You will definitely make a few thousand dollars if you can find one.