My coin collection earns me up to $100,000 a year

Zack Arnold, a fan of Coin, has turned his hobby into a business that brings in $100,000 annually.

The now 34-year-old has always had a thing for antiques, especially world coins from antiquity to the 1600s.

The money he now makes from buying and selling coins is up to six figures annually.

I have coins that are worth $3 that are 2,000 years old, Zack said. Additionally, I have a coin that dates from the past 30 years and is worth $3,000

He has a coin dating back to 800 BC.

Because of mistakes made during the years they were produced, some of the most valuable coins exist today.

According to Zack, these minor flaws can increase the value of a coin made even more recently, to as much as $250,000.

He occasionally has the ability to spot a $10 coin that he can actually sell for $5,000.

But frequently, the gains are smaller, and Zack will only get $1,000 more for a coin he paid $80,000 for.

In actuality, Zack spent $600 on his first collection.

Selling that brought in $200 more than he had before, despite not being extraordinarily wealthy.

Zack advises starting a collection and gradually becoming familiar with the market values of your coins so long as you don't go over your own budget.