JUSTIN Couch says his rare coin collection is worth $20,000 -  how to find it

Since he was eight years old, JUSTIN Couch has been fascinated by coins, and he now has a collection that is worth thousands of dollars.

According to Justin, "I was always kind of fascinated with the history of coins and the designs of gold and silver coins."

Justin claimed that he was inspired by watching YouTube metal detecting videos where people discussed rare coins.

In 2017, he started a YouTube channel. A few years later, he added TikTok to his content expansion.

Justin aims to inform his audience through both of his channels about his expertise in rare coins, why they are valuable, and what to watch out for in order to find them.

He started doing live streams almost every night when he first started on YouTube, searching through coin rolls.

In addition to looking through coin rolls, there are a few other techniques you can use to find rare coins.

In areas where there may be hidden treasure, you can also search through coin rolls or use a metal detector.

However, Justin acquires valuable coins by bidding on them at auctions. He purchases them through a marketplace like eBay or a coin show when doing this.

But before doing so, make sure you thoroughly research the coin and that you are paying a fair price for it.

Justin has bought quite a few pricey coins in the interim. One of them is the 1909-S (San Francisco coin) VDB, which is believed to have only been struck in 484,000 pieces.

His 1916-D (Denver) Mercury dime, which has a reported mintage of just 264,000, is even rarer. $1,713 is what it is worth in average condition.

Additionally, he possesses a 1942 Mercury Error coin, which Justin estimated to be worth $300 to $400.

His 1942 error coin has been graded VF 25 by NGC. "Very fine" is denoted by the letter grade.

Justin estimated the total value of his collection at $20,000. But making money off the coins he purchases is not his aim. He prefers to just take pleasure in collecting in general.