My rare coin collection is worth over $100,000

Since he was eight years old, STEVE Feltner has been amassing coins, and today his magnificent collection is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When Steve was a small child, he counted his mom's waitress tips in order to learn math, and that's when his interest for unusual coins began. He was doing that when he discovered a 1920 mercury cent, which immediately caught his attention.

The 32nd US president Franklin Roosevelt, who has served as the coin's face since 1946, had previously only been seen on dimes.

In the years that followed the discovery of the mercury dime, Steve's mother began asking visitors to Utah's Bryce Canyon if they had any spare coins to give away.

His grandparents quickly became aware of his newfound hobby and began giving him monies for holidays and birthdays.

Steve, a 35-year-old resident of Orange County, California, currently has a "core collection" of 200 to 300 coins.

He doesn't know the actual value of the pieces, but he puts it in the six figures. Those coins that have a narrative are my favourites.

"Although he has accumulated everything from circulated dimes to pennies, two of his current favourite items are a $5 gold coin and a Washington coin.

Before the US Mint established a facility in San Francisco in 1854, the Moffat & Co. gold coin in Steve's collection was in use.

They are fairly rare and don't appear for sale very frequently, according to Steve.