Half-dollars can be worth nearly $13,000

Your Kennedy half-dollar may be worth more than $13,000 because it was produced a year later, according to a coin collector.

Coin collector Treasuretown explained in a video that the 1976 collector-edition Kennedy half-dollars were struck with 40% silver to honor the country's bicentennial.

That celebrates the United States' founding anniversary, which was 200 years ago.

However, after 1976, this was not intended to occur.

The coin with 40% silver content mentioned in the video was made in 1977 but accidentally entered circulation.

On the coin and precious metals website APMEX, the coin is priced at $12,495.

In terms of a previous sale, one in a January auction, according to Heritage Auctions, fetched $6,900.

To see if your planchet and the coin's rim contain silver, Treasuretown advised you to check.

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Look for a D mark as well, which indicates that the coin was struck in Denver.


You might be holding a very valuable "error" coin if you believe you have the coin in question, the correct date, and a silver rim.