Nets are making progress on Kevin Durant's situation

The Brooklyn Nets suffered a great deal as a result of Kevin Durant's trade request.

But it's not like the Nets have to agree to his request for a trade.

He still has four more years left on his deal and might be forced to see it through.

They still hope he returns to Brooklyn for the upcoming season because of this.

Rich Kleiman, the manager of Kevin Durant, and Sean Marks frequently communicate. "Nets Are Not Pressurized Or Under Any Pressure To Close A Deal.

Additionally, ESPN's Brian Windhorst adds that the Nets are under no pressure or obligation to reach a deal.

They don't have to set a deadline to trade for him, and they won't do so if it puts them at a disadvantage.

According to Windhorst, the Nets made an effort to make it clear that there wouldn't be a fictitious deadline in this situation. "