"Scarce 1922 No-D Lincoln Cent in "Red Copper"  Sells for $253,125"

"A 1922-No D Lincoln Cent recently sold for an impressive $253,125, including buyers fees.

The coin's value comes from its rarity as a genuine "Red Copper" penny,

as most old copper coins tend to darken over time and lose their original reddish color.

This specific penny, rated MS64 for its excellent condition, has retained enough of its original red copper appearance to be considered a highly sought-after "red-copper" coin.

Additionally, the coin's value is heightened by the fact that it was minted at the Denver mint and should have a D mint mark,

but this penny and a few others were released into circulation without the mark or with a very faint D.

It is currently the highest-graded 1922 Lincoln penny without a visible D mint mark available."