Raheem Mostart says he is close to 100 percent after knee injury

Last season, Raheem Mostart damaged his knee in Week 1 while running back and never played for the 49ers again, 

but the new Dolphins member says he is very close to being cleared for full football activity.

This offseason, Mostart did not participate in any team practice. That should change once the team arrives at training camp this summer, according to a tweet published on Wednesday.

"Rehab is going great."Almost 100 percent," Mostart wrote.

This summer, Mostart, Chase Edmonds and Sonny Mitchell signed free agent contracts with the Dolphins.

Most will compete for a place in the pecking order at the camp against Miles Gaskin, Salvone Ahmed, and 2021 seventh rounder Gerid Doux, who all returned from last season.

After a knee injury, Raheem Mostart believes he is close to 100 percent.