Rare $1 coin from the 1900s sells for $144,000 online"

Certain dollar coins with a unique feature could be worth a lot of money, with one recently selling for $144,000.

To identify a valuable coin, look for a 1922 Peace Dollar with a matte finish and an image of Lady Liberty looking left.

The matte finish is unique to the 1922 Peace Dollar, and only 20 are believed to exist.

The design modification by George Morgan allowed the coin to be struck with one blow of a standard toggle press.

The coin is made of 90% silver, but the matte finish gives it a duller look.

The exact number grade and certification of the coin are unclear, but it was described as a Matte Proof.

Valuable coins like these are rare, so it's important to look for the specific features mentioned above to determine their worth.