Rare £2 Coin with Minting Error Sells for £420 in Bidding

A rare £2 coin with a minting error sold for £420 in a bidding war.

The coin was minted in 2010 and has been struck twice on both sides, causing the designs to double up and "fall off" the side.

One face of the coin shows the Queen's head stamped twice and misaligned, while the other side features the "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" design with the same minting error.

Coins with mistakes are highly valued due to their limited numbers and are sought after by collectors.

The £2 coin attracted the attention of 10 coin enthusiasts who competed to win it in the eBay auction.

The winning bid for the coin was £420, secured with just 17 seconds remaining.

The seller obtained the coin from a box of coins inherited from a late relative and has more coins to list over time.

To verify the authenticity of an error coin, it is recommended to check if the seller has sent it to the Royal Mint museum for analysis.