Rare $5 gold coin sells online

If you come across a $5 coin from the early 1900s, you might consider yourself lucky because one recently sold online for almost $18,000.

The 1929-dated rare coin has an eagle on one side and an Indian on the other. The extremely rare 1929 Indian coins are in "mint state" condition.

According to estimates, 662,000 of these gold coins were produced overall, with a sizable portion being struck in Philadelphia.

After receiving 15 bids, the Indian coin from the eBay listing was purchased for $17,877.10.

That would imply that the $5 coin has a current value greater than 357,000% higher than its initial value.

According to USA Coin Book, the $5 coin is worth $20,616 in average condition.

One 1929 $5 Indian head coin is currently listed for more than $53,000 on eBay.

Remember that other coins besides your $5 coins might be worth a significant mint.

The most expensive coins are typically those with a low mintage or an error because collectors value them the most.

Search the full name, choose the "sold" listing, and then switch the search to "highest value" to see if your coins are worth anything on eBay.