Rare circulated half dollar sells for $3,523 online

COLLECTING coins can be a lucrative hobby that can net you thousands of dollars if you're fortunate.

Coins provide a bit of history as well, and some collectors are willing to pay a premium for some of them, such as the recent sale of an 1815 coin for more than $3,000

Only three different coin types were produced in 1815, and the Bust Half Dollar was one of them.

Finding anything from 1815 is probably a win because coin production was significantly disrupted by the War of 1812, which continued into 1815.

The Lady Liberty wearing a cap and gazing to the left can be seen on the obverse side of the 1815 half dollar.

On the bottom center of the obverse is the year 1815.

Bidders might be willing to spend a lot of money on this Bust Half Dollar given its rarity even though some of the remaining coins have significant signs of wear and tear.

One of those coins recently brought $3,523 in a 25-bid online auction.

Expert Coin Grading Services a grade of F12 was assigned to that coin. "Fine" is the meaning of the F.