Rare half dollar sells for $4,150 online

Coin collectors should keep an eye out for specific characteristics that might elevate coins to a valuable status similar to one that recently sold for more than $4,000 online.

The US Mint first struck half dollars in 1794. The draped bust and Kennedy images are just two examples of the many designs that have been produced.

Despite having 50 cent denominations, some of them are worth more due to their grade or other distinguishing characteristics, such as important dates and errors.

We discuss what makes a half dollar so unique, which sold for a total of $4,150 online after receiving 30 bids on eBay.

The coin that was sold is a component of the 1796–1807-dated draped bust half-dollar series.

A coin older than 200 years is a must-have for collectors, even though it isn't the rarest in the series.

Under the depiction of Liberty with flowing hair in the bottom center of the obverse is the date.

Grade and condition are additional considerations. The 1805 piece is worth $373 in average condition, according to USA Coin Book.

Grades that aren't in circulation can be worth up to $15,115.