Rare Lincoln penny could be worth $25,000

A 1941 Lincoln wheat cent sold for over $25,000 at a Great Collections auction due to its exceptional quality.

The penny is graded MS68RD by PCGS and has only slight weaknesses in strike and barely visible imperfections.

Its original tint is well preserved, which is indicated by the "RD" label.

Despite a high mintage of over 887 million, high grades are rare for this penny.

The penny is not valuable due to any errors but its exquisite and rare quality sets it apart.

This is only the second MS68 1941 Lincoln cent known to exist, with none graded higher.

The other MS68 1941-D penny sold for $2,280.00 in 2020.

Appraisal by a trusted grader like PCGS is recommended for high-quality 1941 Lincoln Wheat Cents.