1911 S Lincoln Penny Sells for $422.99 on eBay

1911 S Lincoln penny with "S" mark (minted in San Francisco) sells on eBay after 53 bids.

– 1911 S Lincoln penny is relatively low in mintage compared to other Lincoln pennies.

Coin's value is also determined by its grade and condition.

Seller claims the penny was certified by Professional Coin Grading Service in "AU Details".

Coin grading service defines "AU Details" grade as having "traces of light wear".

1911 S Lincoln penny sold for 4.2 million times its original value.

In higher grades, the coin can be worth more according to PCGS's David Hall.

Another 1911 S Lincoln penny sold for $100 recently in a separate auction.

Average condition of the penny is worth $63 according to USA Coin Book.

Coin's worth is dependent on what a buyer is willing to pay.

Be aware of fakes when buying coins online, check seller's history and certification in the listing.