Rare nickel could be worth over $5,000

A 1982-P Jefferson Nickel was auctioned for $5,351 on March 5 due to its unique and exceptional quality.

The coin's value is based on its Full Steps (FS) designation, which signifies that the steps on Monticello on the coin's reverse are fully visible, indicating a well-struck and well-maintained coin.

Coins with the FS designation are rare and typically sell for low thousands, but this particular coin may be the best specimen available, according to an expert coin collector.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) previously confirmed that no higher-quality versions of this coin existed, but this specimen may have exceeded previous grades.

To identify a potentially valuable 1982-P FS nickel, look for a small P below Thomas Jefferson's bust and ensure that the steps of Monticello are fully visible.

It is recommended to have the coin professionally appraised by a coin grading expert like PCGS before selling or buying.

This specific 1982-P Jefferson Nickel is considered the finest-graded specimen of its kind and sold for a high price due to its exceptional quality.

The coin's value is not based on any errors or mistakes but rather on its rarity and high level of maintenance.