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As one seller has made more than $1,700 on one piece, old coins could fetch a lot of money online.

If you do come across something valuable, be sure to keep in mind that the grade and condition will determine how much it is worth.

We will discuss why coin collectors value a coin that sold for 1,730 after 38 bids in the next slide.

The coin's limited availability as one of the few dozen nickels with a three-cent denomination should be noted first.

Liberty is shown looking to the left on the three-cent nickel, which was minted by the US Mint from 1865 to 1889 before being scrapped by Congress.

To denote its denomination, the reverse of the coin features the Roman numeral for one. However, the most crucial thing to watch out for is the year, which is 1884.

Numismatic specialist Ron Guth noted that the 1884 Three-Cent Nickel has the second-lowest circulation-strike mintage of any date in the series (second only to 1885).

in higher circulated grades, it might be worth significantly more. For instance, one purchaser paid more than $5,700 for a coin that PCGS rated as AU (approximately uncirculated) 58.

Additionally, a single 1884 three-cent nickel listed in March 2020 sold for an astounding $42,300.